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Freelance Website Developer & Internet Entrepreneur

With a Post Graduate degree in Computer Applications (MCA) ,by 2003 I started my career as a project trainee for a company that does web design & development. Then after 10 long months of probation I was hired as a Programmer , that was my first job.

Slowly I moved up the ladder as Senior Programmer & joined another company that did work for clients based in UK.Then by 2005 , I was hired as Programmer Analyst by a company based in Bangalore to manage the development of their internal intranet projects

During this period , I got an exciting offer from my first client JAMES DILWORTH from San francisco to work on his start-up project which lasted for about 6 months

Then I quit my regular job & started freelancing fulltime for clients across globe.

Besides my profession , I love to travel abroad & have been to Singapore , Dubai , Malaysia & Thailand. Also I plan to visit European countries & North America hopefully in the coming years

I live in chennai with my beloved wife & we are blessed with a baby girl just couple of years old