Apache MySQL PHP Installations

Installing Apache, PHP, MySQL on Windows Computers

Installation of Apache, PHP and MySQL is straightforward for Windows computers.

Go to each of the Apache, PHP and MySQL sites to download the software.

Select the appropriate ZIP file. Pick the versions that match your web server. You will have to modify your ini and configuration files as described in the install READMEs, but you do not have to worry about DSO modules, compiling, etc. as discussed for Linux below. I have omitted detailed discussion of changes to local files because different versions of PHP, MySQL and Apache have different requirements.

Most web sites are hosted on a web server that hosts many sites.
In most cases your site will be hosted with standard PHP, MySQL, Apache configurations. On your localhost (your own computer), you should not deviate too far from the configuration of your web hosting server. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the common programmer situation of saying ”well it works on my machine.” (More help about this subject is in my web hosting for developers article.)

One of the great things about PHP and MySQL is many web hosting companies provide them at reasonable prices. So, install Apache, PHP and MySQL on your machine, write some code test it and upload it to a real web server