Building XML Web Applications With PHP Specialist

PHP today supports both parsing methods, making it a versatile and flexible tool for XML application development.

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By default, all newer versions of PHP come with the XML SAX parser enabled.XML promises to standardize the way information is searched for, exchanged, adaptively presented, and personalized. XML serves as the basis for a number of languages/formats, such as Really Simple Syndication (RSS), Mozilla XML User Interface Language (XUL), Macromedia’s Maximum eXperience Markup Language (MXML), Microsoft’s eXtensible Application Markup Language (XAML).

XML directly deals with Ajax applications. Ajax is an efficient way for a web application to handle user interactions with a web page – a way that reduces the need to do a page refresh or full page reload for every user interaction. Ajax interactions can be used to do things such as validate form fields (while the user is using registration form) using server-side logic, retrieve detailed data from the server, dynamically update data on a page, and submit partial forms from the page.PHP freelance Progrmmer developed several dynamic Web Applications using Ajax.

XML is now a standard for data interchange, so you may need to pass your data on to others as XML or take XML as input. It’ is easy to convert further into different formats as required: e.g. HTML, PDF, and plain text. In Web applications, XML is also used to reduce server load and hits.

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