Custom PHP/MySQL Web Development

PHP is a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic Web pages.
PHP programming syntax is very similar to that of Perl. Because of its well-designed design,
PHP makes it easy for practically anyone to learn. It is much easier than comparable Perl or ASP Code.
Unlike other scripting languages, PHP supports the most common databases like Oracle, Sybase and MySQL.
It is also possible to join together external libraries to create PDF documents or parsing XML PHP is an open-source
language and is supported by a large groups of code developers.

The creators of PHP made it specially for the web.
This means itis finely tuned to make powerful and dynamic websites.
There are features like the mail() function which allows you to send e-mail directly from your website.
The list of functions available in PHP is almost endless, this basically means that the power of PHP is amazing,
which therefore is nothing but positive for your website.

It is also so powerful that even some of the PHP experts feel that they have only tapped into a part of PHP’s power.
Because it was made for the web it can quickly work together with databases, send e-mail’s directly from your website
and perform some very powerful actions to create immense things like shopping carts and ecommerce store.