Database and Website Migration

Database migration

I can help you evaluate and complete a migration (switch) from a proprietary database to MySQL. We are experienced with conversions from Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and Sybase. I provide an unbiased source of advice. My first question is whether MySQL is suitable for your application. Sometimes it is not.

If MySQL is suitable for your application — and in many cases it will work very well — then the chief benefit is the dramatic cost savings and reduced complexity of the database.

Important topics to consider include “how do I migrate stored procedures from Oracle,” “what is the best high availability strategy,” or “how do I manage monitoring, backups, and recovery?“

If migration seems right, I move from analysis through strategy, planning, testing, and finally the production implementation. I can provide high-level advice, or mentor your development team in MySQL best practices, or implement the whole migration hands-on ourselves.

A migration is not always simple. I perform complex analysis and planning, to ensure that your migration will go smoothly even if it’s very involved.

Give me a call today to discuss pricing and services, or to schedule a pre-sales call with a technical expert. Discover how I can help you save money on a switch to MySQL.

Database-Migrations includes the following features:

* command-line only utility
* migration files are stored using timestamps to reduce repository conflicts
* ability to list, migrate up, migrate down, run a specific migration, and migrate to latest database version
* each migration is wrapped in a transaction to ease error recovery
* migration information stored in database table to support interleaving (insertion of migrations between migrations that have already been run)
* in-line help
* support for PDO with MySQL driver or mysqli
* can store an initial DB schema which allows entire database structure to be erased and rebuilt from an initial schema and existing migrations

Website migration

Migrating your website from one host to another is a difficult task. It is both exciting and at times daunting to perform. Presently if your website is not structured properly and is growing haphazardly, it is time to make a change and consider redesigning things.Reconstructing your database and content storage requires better planning beforehand so that you can avoid all the unnecessary headaches. Available disk space and bandwidth are few initial things that need consideration to improve the conditions of your site to maintain a steady flow of repeated as well as new visitation.

Your new host may have a better plan to offer you that includes improved performance of the site, good features, increased stability and even a price that suits your budget the best. Knowing and understanding the best time to move to a new host is critical. For this you have to maintain a check list that ensures all the technical as well
as the minor issues being addressed timely and effectively. Following these specific techniques will enable you to complete the job in a manner that will not require you to restart right from selecting the correct keywords to optimizing your website.

Select your host carefully:
There can be nothing more frustrating than getting your site moved to a new host
and then realizing that your previous one was better. It is vital to make a checklist of all the features your current host is providing and comparing it with the solutions of your new web hosting provider. This will help to make a better comparison and plan how your website can fit the new host system.

Revise DNS records:
DNS records describe the internet how it can find your website. When you shift to a new host these records need updating. The name server is used wherever your domain name is managed. If your information is not properly updated your website will remain inaccessible to the rest of the world.

Have a backup of the old site:
Do not cancel your old account in haste. It is a wise decision to have a proper back
up of your old site as it will give you time to find out the bugs and remove the problems.

Intimate your users early:
If you have regular customers and your site attracts lot of traffic,make sure to intimate your customers a few weeks in advance. Moving your website may take few days and it may take a while to propagate the new information throughout the internet.

Once you have shifted to your new host,test everything. Fix the bugs before your users start facing problems and ensure that everything is ready and proper from the move.