FAQ | phptechie


How does one hire me?
My availability is highly dependent on my current workload. I typically take on larger projects that may last a couple months or more. If you’re interested in my services, please email me at dev@phptechie.com

How do we communicate?
English is my native tongue, so I am comfortable discussing projects on the phone, by email and over instant messenger. With VOIP services such as Skype, phone communications are just pennies per minute.

How much do I charge?
My rates are reasonable , affordable when compared to onsite programmers. For full-time contracts of 1 month or more, I may be able to offer a reduced monthly rate.

How do I receive payment?
Once we agree on terms, transferring money to my account in India is easy. Services such as money2india.com allow you to transfer funds at your discretion quickly and easily over the web. You can also pay me by credit card via Paypal.

What is needed to start a project?
To get the best results from me, it helps if you are very clear on what you want. My clients usually have well documented market and technical requirements, from which I can create the technical architecture and do the coding