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With the website, development there are number of new options in terms of profiles have also been added to any company. A Php freelance programmer has to create architecture of the program. He also has to create scripts, programs and interface for developing applications. He needs to program the databases. He has to host the systems on a web server. He is also responsible for modifying and extending open source applications .Every application should be properly documented. In short, a Php freelance programmer finally has to test, analyze and debug the ongoing projects.

A Php Freelancer, he is not committed to any particular client. His work hours are also not defined. He can work according to his convenience. He can take more than one project at time but on the condition that the quality should be not be compromised. He can provide top-notch web development services to clients around the world without leaving the comfort of his home. The scope for Php freelancer is huge and it has tremendous potential.

Php web application developer is one who creates dynamic web pages. A Php freelance programmer focuses mainly on server side scripting. However, the person also has to create client side GUI applications. A major task of Php web application developer is to create and maintain databases. A Php developer not only handles text content but also works on graphics like graph and charts.

A Php Expert Programmer is one who is extensively skilled, dedicated, and reliable and is capable to deliver time bound results. His code quality and design should be good. A Php expert programmer is able to take care of full software development cycle. He is an asset to the company he works for.

E Commerce is the selling and purchasing online by clients using credit or debit cards. It is one of the most convenient modes of trade as customers can stay at home and still go shopping. They have access to more options while surfing internet and avail themselves with exciting offers by various e marking companies. The customers can pay through any mode he is comfortable with and the product is delivered at home promptly. The entire transaction is hassle free. However, E Commerce Website Development is not an easy task. Unlike other websites, a large number of financial transactions take place, which need to be handled very carefully. The online traffic need to be managed to avoid the overwhelming of server. Besides, security aspect is of utmost importance in E Commerce Website Development. The user data has to be kept secure and developer must make sure that it is not stored anywhere during any transaction so that the chances of fraudulent transactions can be minimized. For that, stringent security measures have to be applied.

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