Tips to Improve Your Site Page Ranking

Page rank is an numeric value / rank / award given by Google to the websites that have good content and impressive traffic.It indicates how effective and reliable a website is. Below are suggestions / Tips for improving your site and PageRank.

1.Create useful and high-quality information on your site.
2.Adding new pages / posts to a site is an important fatctor of increasing a site’s total PageRank because each page will add an average of 1 to the total.
3.Publish your website URL to popular web directories ( ie, Yahoo!, ODP, and LookSmart etc ).
4.Post your site URL for online references ( like Twitter, facebook etc..)
5.Create a newsletter and send it out to the people about your site and encourage them to visit to find interesting page contents for your site.
6.Keep your website up at every time.
7.Use Multi-language Translation feature in your website.
8.Create a best meta data for each page of your website. By using this meta data, the search engines will be able to easily determine what your page is about nd what keywords it should be ranked for.
9.Create quality Backlinks for your website.
10.Finally you need to have plenty of descriptive text and links to each public page / posts of your website.