Use PHP Expert Programmer to create star rating script using AJAX & PHP / MySQL

PHP / MySQL & AJAX rating script is easy to integrate & built it.This script allows you to rate different pages or products, blog, galleries & any article based web pages. Users can rate the content on a scale of 1-5 stars without reloading the page.

PHP / MySQL & AJAX rating script that should reduce the complexity of implementing an ajax rating scenario on the client side. The server side is easier as well since the markup doesn’t change after a user has already rated.

Php Developer

PHP Freelance Programmer offers following features in the star rating script.

* Easy to install and configure.
* Stars light up when mouse hovers.
* Page doesn’t have to be reloaded when a star is clicked.
* Some sort of average score shown beside the stars.
* Rating has to be stored somewhere in a MySQL database.
* The 5 star script checks for duplicate votes by checking
the client’s IP address.
* You can change colors, fonts and styles using CSS.
* If a user doesn