Web Application Development Process

Web application development includes some initial & crucial steps to be executed properly. It needs to be approved by the client before you release the project in live server. Following are the important steps to be followed,

1. The First step is to focus of what your site should achieve
2. Consultation about the layout, design and navigation of your site is conducted
3. If you have a existing HTML design / PSD design, that can serve as the design template
4. The design of the site is produced and a visual mockup is sent for your approval
5. Then the framework and layout of the site is produced and programmed and sent for your approval, to move forward from dev to your live server.
6. Then the extra pages are created using the material and copy provided and previously discussed
7. The pages are then linked into a site and sent for feedback.
8. Important step is live testing and debugging the scripts, forms, links, etc. is performed
9. Once all the above processes have been made, then we can file the project status as completed.